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Mississippi Instructional Resource Center (MIRC)


The Mississippi Instructional Resource Center (MIRC) serves as a repository for braille textbooks, large print textbooks, and specialized educational materials. The MIRC coordinates the registration of students who are legally blind and manages the APH Federal Quota Funds. The funds are used to purchase braille, large print, and specialized textbooks and educational materials for students who are legally blind in public, private, and parochial schools and other statewide agencies. The MIRC is also appropriated funds by the state legislature to provide services to partially-sighted students whose best corrected vision is no better than 20/70 or whose doctor requests large print textbooks.

Requesting Textbooks and Materials

  1. MIRC Sharepoint
  2. Federal-Quota-Census-Support-Presentation
  3. MIRC January 2021 Federal Quota Census Memo
  4. Textbook and APH Material Request Form
  5. Acknowledgement Form Packing Slip

Annual Registration

  1. What is Federal Quota
  2. Instructions for FEDERAL QUOTA Registration
  3. Instructions for NON-QUOTA Registration
  4. NON-QUOTA Registration Form
  5. Data Collection Explanation for Parent
  6. Parent Consent Form
  7. Parent-Consent-Template-Spanish
  8. MIRC Eye Report
  9. Optometrist-Clarification-Template


  1. MIRC Policies and Procedures Manual 
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. MIRC Sharepoint Support

Antonio Magee

Antonio Magee, Ph.D.

MIRC Director & MSDB Administrative Support 

(601) 984-8226

Patricia White

Patricia White

Administrative Assistant 

(601) 984-8226 (office)